Our Brand

Every Mid-Autumn, Awfully Chocolate strives to create extraordinary artisanal mooncakes luxuriously presented in our trademark bespoke wooden chests. The best mooncakes for the best gifting is our promise to you. The Awfully Chocolate Mid-Autumn Collection 2020 comprises two distinct mooncake styles that taste and look amazing –Classic Baked Mooncakes and Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes. Every year, our team thoughtfully creates delicious mooncakes with creative inspiration by pairing traditional Mid-Autumn flavours with our premium artisanal chocolates. Each chest of Classic Baked Mooncakes boasts four different flavours, baked in golden Shanghai pastry or our signature dark chocolate pastry. Complement them with a matching chest of Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes, the only speciality pure chocolate mooncakes in town. With 8 mooncakes in four different flavours, they are perfected to give the best luxury cacao flavours. Baked mooncakes and truffle mooncakes are innovatively different, yet blend perfectly together to create the best gifting experience this Mid-Autumn!