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MoguShop is a Japanese-centric online grocer seeking to bring the best of Japan and beyond to the shores of food-loving Singapore. This Mid-Autumn Festival, we bring to you top quality sakes directly from Japan as the perfect accompaniment to your mooncakes. Enjoy an elegant, yet complex taste of the Hakkisan Yukimuro Junmai Ginjo, or if you seek something subtler yet, the Kitagawa Tomioh Gin no Tsukasa goes well with the sweetness of the mooncakes. MoguShop has curated 4 different types of sakes to suit your tastes, and make perfect gifts alongside any mooncakes. Other than great sakes, MoguShop offers a wide variety of Japanese products which we specially curate for you. From premium produce such as air-flown seafood, to staples such as rice, meat and fish, to even snacks and beverages, we provide households with high quality food at great prices.