Our Brand

 Under the golden brown hues of our traditional baked mooncake lies a skilfully folded white lotus paste. Made with reduced sugar, it is delightful on its own but also comes in single yolk, double yolk and four yolks as alternate options. For the discerning traditionalist, bring a box of our Mixed Nuts with Chicken Ham. A box meant for fans of savoury treats, let us pamper your taste buds with the mixture of nuts and chicken ham, padding the filling generously for you to enjoy a mouthful of goodness with every bite.

Consider too the Black Sesame with Taro, guaranteed to be popular with those who enjoy the heady aroma of roasted black sesame. An original recipe, the filling has a rich, nutty and roasted flavour tempered with the mild sweetness of taro. Lotus seeds and cashew nuts add texture and a gentle complexity. The classic baked mooncakes are presented in a Nostalgic Red or Elegant Turquoise box. Both are patterned with flowers in full bloom to represent the bountiful harvest that the festival celebrates.

Chef Mok Kit Keung

Chef Mok Kit Keung oversees an experienced team of Chinese chefs and is responsible for all of the hotel’s Chinese food production. Prior to his current position, Chef Mok was the Executive Chinese Chef of Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong, in charge of earning 2 Michelin stars for its signature restaurant, Shang Palace. Chef Mok has trained in traditional Cantonese cuisine from a young age, garnering over 40 years of culinary experience. Having prepared meals for King Mohammed VI of Morocco, the president of Russia, the former and current prime ministers of Singapore and many other prominent dignitaries and celebrities from around the globe, he joins the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore family with distinctive gastronomic mastery. Through his dedicated culinary skills, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s Shang Palace was listed on the Michelin Guide 2018/2019. He has received a number of culinary accolades, including the Gold Medal Award in Chinese Cuisine from the Restaurant Association of Singapore, in 2001 and 2004, the Gold Medal Award from the Food Hotel Asia 2008 Imperial Challenge and numerous other distinctions over the years.