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Our Brand

The Lapis Place story begins in Bangkok, Thailand in 2017, whereby a few innovative young entrepreneurs in Asia looking to establish a bakery business that can preserve the traditional taste of the pastries whilst having the luxury to break through.  They made a conclusion to focus on Kueh Lapis.

In The Lapis Place, our dedication to quality, innovation and passion pushes us to explore a wide variety of flavours, while still preserving the traditional flavour of Kueh Lapis.  Today, the Lapis Place has more than 17 unique flavours, excluding seasonal specials.  Each cake is meticulously and laboriously handmade layer by layer from scratch, using the finest ingredients to bring a perfect harmonization of aroma, flavour, texture, and presentation.  In Lapis Place, we care about your health and wellbeing.  Therefore, we strive to use high quality ingredients with less oil and sugar yet maintaining the unique texture & taste of Kueh Lapis, allowing you to enjoy the delicacies with no worries.