The Lapis Place – 千层梦幻 Lapis Snow Skin Mooncake Set (4 Pieces)


Set Of 4 Flavours Per Box.


Cempedak: A seasonal fruit with a rich, sweet and strong aroma. We have infused the real fruit into alternate layers of the lapis and snowskin, resulting in a pleasant, sweet taste that will linger in your mouth. A must try for all cempedak lovers!

Earl Grey: Our most-liked and best-selling lapis flavour. The aroma of our signature earl grey tea leaves is infused in alternate layers of the lapis and snowskin. It will blow the mind of the tea lovers!

Pandan: A local favourite flavour, our fragrant pandan leaves are meticulously chosen to boost the aroma and taste in the lapis. The sweet and fragrant pandan snowskin complements the pandan lapis perfectly!

Rainbow : Enjoy this year’s mooncakes festival with our exclusive launch handcrafted, rainbow lapis snowskin mooncakes! They are infused with our popular colourful rainbow lapis and pastel rainbow- toned snowskin!

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