Awfully Chocolate – Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes (8 Pieces)


We are Singapore’s first company to specialise in pure artisanal Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes. Our luxurious chest of eight comes in four different flavours that boast of the best luxury cacao. Each chest comes with a gold fork-knife, bag liner and satin paperbag.

Chocolate Autumn Berries - 2pcs 70% dark chocolate coating, 65% chocolate ganache paired with a luscious berry yolk.

Matcha Dark Chocolate - 2pcs
Our 75% dark chocolate ganache perfectly balanced with fragrant Japanese green tea and white chocolate yolk.

Dark Milk Espresso - 2pcs
A beautiful combination of our artisanal dark chocolate and creamy milk chocolate, paired with a robust double espresso yolk.

Caramel Calamansi - 2pcs
Caramelised chocolate with lemon-infused vanilla ganache and a zesty calamansi citrus yolk.

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