Awfully Chocolate – Classic Baked Mooncakes (4 Pieces)


Our exquisite wooden chest of Classic Baked Mooncakes is creatively inspired by traditional Mid-Autumn ingredients and come in a mix of four different flavours. Each mooncake is individually packaged in brushed gold tins with an engraved wooden lid and a gold fork-knife. Every chest also comes in a bag liner and a satin paperbag.

Dark Chocolate Brownie - 1pc
Our popular dark chocolate brownie encased in our premium cacao mooncake pastry.

Six Treasures in White Lotus - 1pc
Golden fruit & cranberries with hand-roasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds, cashews and almonds baked in premium white lotus paste and chocolate pastry.

Shanghai White Lotus with Double Yolk - 1pc
Fragrant Shanghai pastry with double yolks in premium white lotus filling.

Shanghai Golden Custard Single Yolk - 1pc
Silky baked Portuguese custard paired with single yolk in golden Shanghai pastry.

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