Bread Garden – Diamond Jewel Treasure Set (Set of 4) – Halal


Comprises of our exquisitely handcrafted Signature Baked Skin Mooncake coupled with unique Baked Charcoal Mooncake. Golden Emerald, our exquisitely handcrafted mooncake baked to a fragrant golden crust tantalizes your taste bud with contrasting degree of texture and flavor. Low sugar silky smooth lotus seed paste with pandan aroma and alluring granular salted egg yolk balance out the sweetness and saltiness of life. Charcoal Golden Emerald, baked charcoal crust envelopiong our Signature All Time Favourite Golden Emerald. Golden Red Emerald, fragrant golden crust enveloping rich green tea red bean filling with alluring granular salted egg yolk. Golden Royale, fragrant golden crust enveloping luscious, intricate combination of custard and alluring granular salted egg yolk. Freshly Handcrafted in Singapore, Halal Certified, Loaded with Melon Seeds Low Sugar, No Preservatives Customization available for orders more 10 sets.

Box consists of :

Golden Emerald x 1 pc

Charcoal Golden Emerald x 1pc

Golden Red Emerald x 1pc

Golden Royale x 1pc

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