TWG Tea – Box of 4 Snowskin Mooncakes


This ethereal gift set is composed of four unique and delightful snowskin mooncakes presented in a limited edition Sky Lantern Tea Mooncake gift box. Includes forks and knife.


Decked in a grand yellow snowskin, this exclusive TWG Tea mooncake conceals a Coconut Tea and pandan infused white and brown lotus filling, a scattering of white chocolate pearls and a heart of roasted coconut and lotus cream.


Emanating the warm glow of a lantern, this brilliant orange snowskin mooncake encases a Houjicha infused chestnut and white lotus filling, ornamented with dulcey chocolate pearls and a refreshing white chocolate heart of blackcurrant and raspberry confit.


Concealed in an opulent black snowskin, this exquisite TWG Tea mooncake reveals a brilliant composition of aromatic Breakfast Yuzu Tea infused white and brown lotus paste, sprinkled with white and dark chocolate pearls and an oriental burst of yuzu and mandarin orange confit in a milk chocolate heart.


An ethereal white satin snowskin mooncake encases a smooth white lotus paste inflected with fruity and flowery notes of Sky Lantern Tea, revealing raspberry bits and a white chocolate heart of raspberry rose confit.

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